About us

Our Story: 
Japanklyn was founded in 2020 in Brooklyn, NY.

It all started in a small apartment with our love and compassion for Japan and Brooklyn and a passion for fashion, specifically hat.

The pride, respect, and patriotism for Japan and the culture, along with love for our community, culture, and lifestyle of Brooklyn, all fused like a chemical reaction.

Our Mission:
We want to spread Japanese culture through our brand to the world from Brooklyn. And as residents of Brooklyn, we want to support the local communities, artists, groups, sports teams, etc.

Our Thinking:
Diversity is our strength. Unity is our power. The cultural differences shape gratitude. This is one reason for our love for Brooklyn and why we are located in New York.

Our Dream:
The biggest dream is to open stores in both New York and Tokyo and have Jay-Z and Beyoncé wearing our Japanklyn caps watching the Brooklyn Nets game courtside at the Barclays Center.

Yuya Hamada