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Japanklyn Indigo Happi Jacket (藍染印半纏) *Made in Japan

Japanklyn Indigo Happi Jacket (藍染印半纏) *Made in Japan

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“JAPANKLYN INDIGO(藍染) HAPPI JACKET,” a.k.a An Original Japanese Streetwear Since Edo Period (1603-1867)

The fabric is dyed using the same dyeing techniques as the base of the indigo-dyed antique “BORO”(襤褸)

For the front collar, “じゃぱんくりん” (Japanklyn) in EDO MOJI (江戸文字), which is a Japanese lettering style invented for advertising during the Edo period.

For the design for the waist of the jacket, 日米 (Japan x America) in KAKUJI (角字), which is graphic art that expresses letters with almost horizontal and vertical lines which is used during Edo period as well.

For the design for the back of the jacket, “睦 MUTSU” in EDO MOJI means “ to be harmonious; to get on well and to be intimate or close.

Because of the indigo-dyed jacket, the color will fade strongly at first, but you can enjoy the change over time as you use it until the color settles down. This is called “AI WO KARASU(Withering indigo)“「藍を枯らす」in Japan.

Happi Size
Shoulder Width: 11.8 inches (30cm)
Sleeve Length: 26.3 inches (67cm)
Body Length: 37 inches (95cm)

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